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With Floodgate


With Inconfidant SSH & SSL
Network Management

With Envoy SNMP

Icon Labs provides portable embedded software for device protection, secure access and network management. Our Floodgate product family is the leading security solution for embedded devices. Our products include:

  • Floodgate Defender™ an embedded firewall providing Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI), rules-based filtering and threhold-based filtering to protect embedded devices from Internet-based threats. Floodgate Defender provides the foundation for the Floodgate Product Family.
  • Floodgate Agent™, part of the Floodgate product family, provides support for managing security policies from a local or remote management interface.
  • Floodgate Aware™, part of the Floodgate product family, provides situational awareness for embedded devices. With Floodgate Aware embedded devices can detect, record and report security and device information and events. Floodgate Aware enables integration with Security Information and Event Mangement Sytems (SIEM).
  • Floodgate Defender Appliance™ is a compact firewall appliance, built using the Floodgate software, provides drop in protection for networked industrial devices. It provides instant protection against cyber-attacks from hackers, denial of service attacks, cyber-sabotage attacks, automated hacking bots, and other Internet-based threats.
  • Floodgate at Home™, part of the Floodgate product family, is the industry’s first software firewall that protects connected Smart Home devices from Internet-based attacks. Floodgate at Home provides device protection, management and incident reporting to home users and service providers via a secure web page. Floodgate at Home is an OEM software product licensed and embedded by manufacturers of Smart Home IoT devices.
  • Iconfidant SSH and SSL, standards based security solutions for the VxWorks operating system. These are full source code products optimized for use in an embedded environment.
  • Envoy SNMP, an SNMP toolkit for companies developing embedded SNMP agents using Linux, Solaris, Windows and BSD Operating Systems. SNMP v1/v2c/v3 and SNMP AgentX are supported.

White Paper
Smart Home Security White Paper