Quadros Systems is a pioneer of embedded software, creating its RTXC real-time operating system in 1978. The company builds upon the C executive architecture supporting advanced communication stacks, file systems, GUI based development tools with integrated H/W and S/W providing leading solutions to the embedded industry.

Icon Labs’ Floodgate Packet Filter is available on the RTXC platform. The Floodgate Packet Filter software adds security and firewall filtering to the RTXC Quadnet Ethernet-TCP/IP stack to protect industrial control and smart grid systems from cyber-attacks. The combined solution is designed to meet ANSI/ISA/IEC/TS 62443 standards for cyber security. Together Floodgate and RTCS provide an ideal solution for use in embedded devices with limited memory and processor speeds that require secure network implementation certified to standards such as the ISASP 99 which is measured by the Wurldtech Achilles® Test Platform.

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