Icon Labs' Professional Services

Icon Labs provides unique and specialized security software for IoT devices and embedded systems. These products are modular security solutions tailored for use with embedded Linux and real-time operating systems. For embedded OEMs, software products must be integrated into the end-user application.  Some embedded applications require customizations or extensions to the security products to solve domain specific problems, support custom protocols, or integrate with other OEM technology components.  Icon Labs provides services to help our customers integrate with their embedded software development projects.

Product integration services

While our products are modular, easy to integrate, and easily ported to new RTOSes, each OEM must still integrate our solution into their platform.  Our engineering team can accelerate this process.  By leveraging our deep product knowledge and experience with multiple RTOSes and embedded OSes, our customers can reduce development time, save enginering resources, and reduce overall project cost. 

Product extensions and custom integrations

Embedded products are built to solve unique problems, and as such often require custom solutions.  While our products provide the foundational security capabilities, many OEMs find that they need to integrate with custom security management systems, detect and block unique threats, or make other extensions to our base products to meet the unique security requirements of their products.  In these situations, our engineering team can implement the product extensions and integrate with your embedded applications, shaving months off your schedule and significantly reducing development cost.  Our service group enables our customers to leverage the experience of our engineering team and their knowledge of our own products.

Device security assessment

Let Icon Labs team of security experts help assess the security posture of your current device or the design for your next generation system.  Our team can review your existing product implemenation or design against industry standard security practices and help develop a plan to ensure the security of your device.