Why PKI matters for the IIoT

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) promises to transform manufacturing, transportation, power generation, and a host of other industries with greater automation, new services, and more efficient allocation of resources. These advancements depend on data generated by a host of new IIoT devices now being built and deployed.  But the potential cannot be realized if the data produced by the devices cannot be trusted, and that requires much stronger security than what is currently being deployed.  The data is only as good as the device that generates it.

Network Security for Medical Devices

Medical devices perform critical functions in surgery, hospital care, and clinical settings, and play an increasing role in home health care.  Millions of people rely on medical devices to stay alive and depend upon them to improve the quality of their life.

Unquestionably, medical devices provide tremendous benefit to society, but few people think about the associated safety and security issues.  Medical devices rely on network connectivity to provide remote reporting, diagnostics, and control opening them up to a new breed of attacks.


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