Why PKI matters for the IIoT

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) promises to transform manufacturing, transportation, power generation, and a host of other industries with greater automation, new services, and more efficient allocation of resources. These advancements depend on data generated by a host of new IIoT devices now being built and deployed.  But the potential cannot be realized if the data produced by the devices cannot be trusted, and that requires much stronger security than what is currently being deployed.  The data is only as good as the device that generates it.

Hacked Doorbells Open The Gate for Thieves and Criminals

“IoT doorbell gave up Wi-Fi passwords to anybody with a screwdriver” read the headline from the January 27, 2016 posting on Naked Security by Sophos.  Many people will look at that and question the reliability of the article, wondering how it’s possible that something as simple as a doorbell could lead to such an invasion of privacy.  There’s an assumption of safety that comes with technological devices that creates a sense of false security for most consumers. 


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