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Iconfidant SSL


Embedded web servers, including WindManage Web provide remote access via a standard web server that sends all data (inlucding user names and passwords) unencrypted. This allows network sniffers to easily capture and compomise this information. Iconfidant SSL is a source code product that encrypts data using the SSL protocol to secure communication. This allows network equipment vendors to easily add secure, encrypted web based communication to their devices.

Iconfidant SSL modules:

• Provides secure network access to RapidControl for Web using 3DES and Blowfish encryption algorithms.

• Strong authentication protects against several security problems IP spoofing, fake routes and DNS spoofing.

• Provides data compression prior to encryption for improved performance on low bandwidth links.

• Fully integrated with WindManage for Web.

Optimized for Embedded Systems

Iconfidant is written to work with embedded, multitasking operating systems. Iconfidant is multithreaded allowing multiple clients to operate in an embedded environment. The SSL interface is simplified with a logical API allowing developers to use Iconfidant libraries when writing SSL applications.

Iconfidant is small. It provides fast execution minimizing CPU load.

Iconfidant is portable. Supported examples are provided for VxWorks, Linux and Solaris.


• Source code product that targets thread friendly operating systems.

• Supports VxWorks versions 5.x and 6.x

• Adds SSL functionality to VxWorks systems using Wind River’s Rapid Control (Wind Manage) CLI and Web.

• Strong authentication.

• Multiple communication channel support.

• Multiple authentication methods: Password, Public key.

Support for Wind Manage Web

Iconfidant SSL adds Web security to Wind River’s WindManage (formerly RapidControl) Web products. WindManage is a rapid application development tool that graphically builds embedded web interface servers. Iconfidant SSL provides drop in support for VxWorks operating system. Iconfidant SSL has two packages for VxWorks: VxWorks w/WindManage and VxWorks native.

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